Packing for a shoot for Food & Travel Magazine Singapore

Here’s what I usually pack for a photoshoot with my Singapore clients whenever there are products or food involved. For tomorrow, we’re shooting the Christmas Feature for Food & Travel magazine of a few of their featured cake recipes. Typically my gear basically are as follows…

My cameras that I bring 95% of the time are my Hasselblad medium format cameras. I typically bring 2 bodies, 1 as a spare. Likewise if I am shooting action, I always carry 2 of my Nikon DSLRs. So back to this…

Laid out here are both of my Hasselblad H Series bodies. These are digital Hasselblads that create images that are unlike any DSLR. People who’ve used medium format extensively will know. More on medium format later. Attached to my body is my Phase One P21 Digital Back. My Phase One IQ260 is sent for repair at Phase One HQ at Denmark. So my trusty P Series will do for now. A little old, with that crappy 100k pixel LCD, but still an amazing image sensor nestled in that metal shell. That’s the one on the right. The D-shaped looking things below the body are the Hasselblad lithium batteries. I typically bring about 2 batteries with another 2 spare. Each charge can typically shoot about a thousand shots each. Ok a little overkill I know. Moving on…

_1nd0030Computers and accessories.

Here we have my Apple Macbook Pro, my Phase One Pelican case with the firewire cables and cleaning kits inside. My magic mouse to use when I’m shooting when viewing images on my Macbook, my iPhone to shoot some quick BTS photos or videos and a crazy awesome and steady Manfrotto tripod which I got from a fella at Carousell. These are reliable equipment that never fail to deliver.


Strobes and modifiers.

I light using Elinchrom strobes. Or flashes. Whatever you want to call it. In most situations you are indoors with very little access to natural light. So you need to create light. These little monsters from Switzerland blast out great light that makes whatever I’m shooting pop. To recreate window light, I use a combination of 3 square softboxes which are mounted on my Elinchroms.


Of course there are still light stands, some chargers and a pokeball or two.

Never know if you could bump into a Snorlax.

Can’t wait.

About the author

Alexcheous Cheng is a professional photographer from Singapore who shoots a wide range of commercial pictures through his brand Paragon Pictures. His notable clients include multinationals like Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and Amcor, to name a few. He believes in doing things a notch better and his passion is delivering the highest quality images because ‘if you do the same thing as everyone else, you will get the same results’. For enquiries for your own photography campaigns, drop him a mail at


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