Back in the days of army

I was really fortunate I was given the chance to be my unit’s photographer back in the day. Typically unit photogs are bai ka or bai qiu (unfit soldiers who are disabled in some form physiologically) people plucked from one of the admin departments to cover the unit events, ceremonies and parades.

It’s nice to think and back and realise all those great times I can swing my camera into camp (with clearance of course!) and do what I like at the same time make a difference to our country’s safety and security.

I’ll really miss those days of running through the forest in 20kg packs on my shoulders and mud on my face. As well as the many times I went outfield with my Canon camera (EOS 6D) and forgot to waterproof it. Lol.


About the author

Alexcheous Cheng is a professional photographer from Singapore who shoots a wide range of commercial pictures through his brand Paragon Pictures. His notable clients include multinationals like Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and Amcor, to name a few. He believes in doing things a notch better and his passion is delivering the highest quality images because ‘if you do the same thing as everyone else, you will get the same results’. For enquiries for your own photography campaigns, drop him a mail at


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