Behind the scenes in Singapore fashion shoot

We recently finished a shoot with Apparella’s ( new collection that was released recently. It was fun setting up the shoot and actually getting the photoshoot going. Fashion shoots are really one of my favourite things to get done because of all the moving parts that come together. The makeup artist, the stylist, the creative team, etc. The entire gin gang basically.

To be honest, a lot of work. But really, a lot of fun. Anyway enjoy this behind the scenes video for the fashion shoot we put together. Hope you enjoy it!

About the author

Alexcheous Cheng is a professional photographer from Singapore who shoots a wide range of commercial pictures through his brand Paragon Pictures. His notable clients include multinationals like Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and Amcor, to name a few. He believes in doing things a notch better and his passion is delivering the highest quality images because ‘if you do the same thing as everyone else, you will get the same results’. For enquiries for your own photography campaigns, drop him a mail at


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