Golden Gates to the Flyer

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We’ve all seen highly repetitive pictures of the Singapore Flyer. Pictures basically taken from the ground pointing up or from various high rise vantage points. Many of these shots are beautiful, some of which taken in the day…and some of which taken at night when the lights come alive. But mostly, highly overused angles and compositions.

As a professional photographer, my job inclines me to move away from the amateurish snapshots of millions of smartphone toting tourists and newbie photographers shooting cliched pictures we’ve seen one too many times.

My inclination drives me to make the effort to create unique pictures that first, would not have been shot before and secondly, will be hard to recreate without considerable time and effort. And of course the very useful skill of patience (which has been imbued in me by the army through the many early dawns waiting to launch our assaults on opfor enemy troops).

This work of mine is a combination of two pictures shot from the very same spot, one to focus on the metallurgical art piece, and the other picture with the focus on the Singapore Flyer. Both images are simply stacked .

As much as I am pretty confident there has not been a picture like this ever being shot before of the ‘world’s largest observation wheel’, it also gives me peace knowing that the adage ‘Every picture that can be taken has already been taken before’ holds no water.

Thanks for reading.

About the author

Alexcheous Cheng is a professional photographer from Singapore who shoots a wide range of commercial pictures through his brand Paragon Pictures. His notable clients include multinationals like Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and Amcor, to name a few. He believes in doing things a notch better and his passion is delivering the highest quality images because ‘if you do the same thing as everyone else, you will get the same results’. For enquiries for your own photography campaigns, drop him a mail at


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