Army Standard Obstacle Course for monkeys

When I just enlisted, the low wall of the SAF Standard Obstacle Course was the hardest part (no pun intended). It was the first obstacle in the 9 station course that we found hard to overcome (again, no pun intended). It was a twice weekly exercise for us in Basic Military Training and because most of us spent our teenage years strapped to our Sony Ericssons and Discmans (I can hear the millennials going wonky in puzzlement) and we didn’t have the arms or the legs to overcome that obstacle. The day any of us could clear the low wall was a day that no one could ever forget.  That sense of achievement we felt. Man!

I went to the River Safari quite a while back and shot this picture that day of monkeys jumping up trees and branches like it was a piece of cake. They were fast, agile and they made BMT recruits looked like sacks of potatoes.

Monkeys be like, “Hold my beer…” if we ever told them how hard the low wall was.

The Standard Obstacle Course by Alexcheous Cheng Singapore Photographer

About the author

Alexcheous Cheng is a professional photographer from Singapore who shoots a wide range of commercial pictures through his brand Paragon Pictures. His notable clients include multinationals like Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and Amcor, to name a few. He believes in doing things a notch better and his passion is delivering the highest quality images because ‘if you do the same thing as everyone else, you will get the same results’. For enquiries for your own photography campaigns, drop him a mail at


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